I Really Feel (Rub-A-Trance Mix) - The Drum Club* - I Really Feel (Vinyl)

8 thoughts on “ I Really Feel (Rub-A-Trance Mix) - The Drum Club* - I Really Feel (Vinyl) ”

  1. The bass is defined but not as present in the mix. The drums more natural sounding. And iggy’s vocals have more of a raw, improvised feel. I really do enjoy hearing these mixes as it offers a completely different insight into the songs you know so well and how they might have sounded live.
  2. Sep 14,  · Well Iv found that many of the drum sounds can have horrible 40 - 50Hz crap on them which really destroys mixes. This is likely caused by the fact that many of these sounds originate off old vinyl. I tend to EQ out loads of bottom end from most synth and sample based tracks, purely to .
  3. Nov 12,  · The colors on the cover of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" sure look more vibrant than on any of my old covers, and the sound Well, .
  4. Drums – Dave Krusen; Engineer I'm very fond of the them, the vocals and bass sound more prominent and I feel sit better in the overall mix. but the original may sound a bit better on this vinyl. Really nice package overall. Curious how the "Coke bottle clear" one sounds.
  5. Apr 15,  · In my opinion (I'm not an audiophile, I don't spend hundreds of dollars on hi-fi components) this remaster sounds perfectly fine. It's really well balanced and mixed. If you get a good copy, it's really good, It's the most cost-effective way to get the album on vinyl.
  6. The original stereo mix was flat and lifeless. This mix jumps out of the speakers. The drums have never sounded better (and, in fact, you can hardly hear them in the original mix), the bass is strong and clear, the guitar is bright, the vocals clear. I have the original stereo mix as well, and have done some A/B testing between the two/5(4).
  7. May 22,  · I like using Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as an example of mono versus stereo, because both mixes were done well (though the mono mix received much more attention from the band). Just check out the 21 forum pages on the Steve Hoffman mono vs. stereo poll to see how widely opinions can vary for this one album.. Undeniably, there is a lot more nuance and complexity baked .
  8. Drums make us feel good in a variety of ways, whether through listening to a rhythm or playing a favorite drum in a circle. No matter if you are seeking a better way to work out or, searching for a way to connect with others, picking up a drum can be the first step to a brand new you.

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