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  1. Newlife is one church in seven locations on the west sound. A movement of people becoming the church, on the mission with Jesus, to help heal the world.
  2. We feel that God is doing wonderful things at New Life Church. Our heart is to resource you with the best tools to help you grow in your relationship with Him. Download our app and follow us on social media for inspirational posts, videos, and messages from our team.
  3. P - Niviean Engagement Necklaces. Sorry if this page seems inconstant on visuals and writing, I've been kinda strung out lately and need to take a break from some stuff.
  4. NEW LIFE MINISTRIES ARE DESIGNED TO EMPOWER EVERY MEMBER to be involved in the life and activities of New Life Church. We encourage our members to deepen their connection with God and each other by participating in a New Life ministry. No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, there is a place where you can serve and continue to mature.
  5. New Life Church is a body of believers that values diversity in all ministries. We are intentional in our efforts to relate to one another in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-gifted environment. Our God-honoring desire allows our four values (prayer, worship, missional .
  6. Welcome to New Life Ranch. We are a Christ-focused Summer Camp, Retreat Center and Outdoor Classroom. Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equip believers for ministry. We provide a unique way to experience Christ with one-of-a-kind adventures, camps, retreats, leadership development and adventure education.
  7. New Life Endicott has tons of options for parking with six different lots available. We’d love to help you find your public transit route! Click the button below to use Broome County’s Google Transit Trip Planner.
  8. “This was a powerful workshop. It brings new perspective to the causes and triggers for sexual addiction. During this workshop, I was able to learn to forgive my dad for his attempted suicide when I was 15 years old that changed my life from that point forward.

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