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  1. Aphotic definition: characterized by or growing in the absence of light | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. "Aphotic" understandably has Novembers Doom fans split. I doubt anyone seriously considers it a bad album, not unless they hate Doom Metal in general, but the real question is whether it is a good album or a great album? Certainly it would be easy to find examples to support either position and that is what keeps "Aphotic" from being in the /5(14).
  3. aphotic definition: without light; specif., pertaining to that part (aphotic zone) of the ocean below a depth of c. m (c. ft) which does not receive sufficient sunlight for photosynthesisOrigin of aphotic a- .
  4. aphotic: 1 adj lacking light; especially not reached by sunlight “the aphotic depths of the sea where no photosynthesis occurs” Synonyms: dark devoid of or deficient in light or brightness; shadowed or black.
  5. Apothics are equipment items that can be used on Shrines found in any Grineer Forest mission.. Their blueprints are obtained by progressing through The Silver Grove quest.. Usage Edit. Upon locating the shrine, players must anoint the large stone altar on top, which will consume the Apothic and summon a specter based on the Apothic used.
  6. Aphotic Theatre Society is a theatre company committed to creating vital and innovative performance with an emphasis on developing new plays written and/or created by women, women of color and queer/QTPOC (Queer, Trans, People of Color). Aphotic Theatre society .
  7. Aphotic by JUPITERIAN, released 14 August 1. Permanent Grey 2. Daylight 3. Proclamation 4. Aphotic 5. Drag Me To My Grave History has taught us that a tropical metropolis like Sao Paulo, Brasil does not possess the right backdrop for creating imposing doom death metal, but leave it Jupiterian, a quartet formed in , to crumble those preconceptions.
  8. Jun 04,  · aphotic (comparative more aphotic, superlative most aphotic) Having no light, especially no sunlight ; specifically (biology, oceanography) describing that part of deep lakes and oceans where less than one per cent of sunlight penetrates and where photosynthesis is not possible.
  9. Aphotic is a collection of high quality presets contrasting the darkness with the light. Inspired by the sounds of Dark Electro, Cyberpunk, Darksynth and Dark Synthwave and featuring distorted basslines, deep basses, lush warm pads, dark ambiences and analog-style leads.

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