Shouldnt Have Bothered - Prong - Prove You Wrong (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. CD’s can only do 16/44 which limits them in this comparison, so cutting a vinyl from a CD source is the worst thing to do unless it is the only choice you have. Reply Anonymous June 12,
  2. However, if you're talking more recent albums that don't have an official vinyl release (I think I heard the newest Kanye is heavily bootlegged but there's no official vinyl releases for any of his stuff I think), then they're probably crap. This stuff is pretty much on an album by album basis, just research the particular album before you buy it.
  3. Prong - Prove You Wrong Vinyl / LP: Trackliste:A1: Irrelevant Thoughts A2: Unconditional A3: Positively Blind A4: Prove You Wrong A5: Hell If I Could A6.
  4. Apr 30,  · I bought a used copy of the Chick Corea album "Return to Forever" on ECM. Got it home and saw that both labels read "Chick Corea Piano Improvisations Vol. 1" or very similar. I was very disappointed as I really wanted to hear the Return to Forever album. In fact, I was able to, because I had the right LP - they just printed the wrong labels on it.
  5. So many good answers here! One post, however, is telling us that vinyl is of lower resolution than CD, and by that measure, all other answers are "dead wrong." While the science presented in the answer is true, there’s much more to the story. The.
  6. Oct 28,  · Brooklyn Phono is a vinyl record pressing plant in NY with 5 printing presses that make 3, vinyl per day. We're giving you a behind the scenes look .
  7. Record noise -- occasional clicks and pops - are part of the sound of vinyl, but with an LP played on an audiophile-grade turntable those noises recede into the background. They really do.
  8. All 7" and 12" records are available in your choice of standard black, random color, or colored vinyl; For colored vinyl you can choose: Transparent vinyl: red, blue, orange/gold, green, crystal clear, and coke clear. Opaque vinyl: blue, red, violet, & yellow If you choose mixed color or random color then you are leaving the color of your records to chance.
  9. Album: Format: Availability - G - Guy: Guy: LP: Limited (3) - H - Lionel Hampton: Off Into A Black Thing: LP: Limited (4) - L - Lafayette Afro Rock Band: Soul Makossa: LP: Limited (4) The Last Poets: Oh My People: LP: Limited (3) - R - Louie Ramirez: Ali Baba: LP: Limited (2) Arsenio Rodriguez (& the Afro-Cubano Sound) Viva Arsenio! LP: Limited.

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