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The Needles (5) - Maybe We Should Do Something About The Dog (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  6. US x 4 LP gram pressing. Packaged in a 12 x 12 box with lift off cover, download card, 60 page booklet with photos, essays and credits. release of Vol. 8 Tell Tale Signs The Bootleg series on Bob Dylan with rare and unleashed material from - /5().
  7. Dec 01,  · The problem is- I don't know which side is intended for which. One side of the tab is blank, the other has an "S" imprinted on it. I know that playing a 33 or 45 with a 78 needle will damage the vinyl, so I'm afraid to use it until I'm sure which is the correct side. I asked the person I bought it from, but he wasn't % sure. Anybody know?
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