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Yuzuru Sera - Memorial Album (CD)

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  1. Yuzuru is a young and energetic Asian spotlight performer, with cutting edge style and loads of charm. He has phenomenal range, from pop star to fantasy character. He's always ready to put on a show, and knows he belongs at the center of attention on any platform. Key advancements with the Genesis 8-based Yuzuru 8 include.
  2. Yuzuru Yamai 「Date A Live II」. 4, likes. Weapon: ธนู Code name: Berserk Spirit number: 8 Angel: Raphael.
  3. Yuzuru is a mysterious avatar and a notorious sniper within ALICE. Her background and motives are unknown, but she is known to never let her targets escape. Quest Appearances Tower of the Queen: Avaricia (Old) Floor 4, Tower of the Queen: Avaricia (Old) Floor 8, Tower of the Queen: Elfram (Old) Floor 3, Tower of the Queen: Lucial (Old) Floor

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